Carlsbad Clinic

The Carlsbad Clinic is an independent luxury medical and wellness center, directly adjacent to the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. When entering our clinic, you are walking into a temple of beauty and health.

After reviewing your state of health, leading experts will recommend a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. Thanks to the combination of alternative medicine and modern treatment, your body and mind will return to a balanced state. You can use the services of three-chamber whole-body cryotherapy, traditional and Thai massages, natural skin and body cosmetics for women and men, moor bath, or intestinal lavage. We possess a modern operating room, where our professional team can make corrective improvements to your body using out-patient surgery methods, which means that in most cases you will be able to leave immediately after the surgery.

But the task of medicine is not only to treat illness, our goal is to focus on prevention, which has always been, the most successful method of treatment. The Carlsbad Clinic team will teach you an improved lifestyle, how to anticipate the impact of stress and maintain mental balance.

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