Castle Spa

Castle Spa is one of the most beautiful spa centers in Europe located in the heart of theCarlsbadspa area, in the vicinity of the “Market” and the “Hot Spring Colonnade”. As the only out-patient facility it provides its clients with comprehensive care, a wide range of curative procedures and relaxation programs with maximum benefits from Carlsbad thermal mineral waters and two in-house springs, The Upper and Lower Castle Spring, as well as high-tech medical equipment.
Each client will definitely appreciate the tailor-made approach as well as the unique atmosphere achieved thanks to a combination of extensive natural rock and architectural modernism of the early 20th century. Last but not least is the fact, that each client completes a daily dose combination of procedures during a single 3 hour visit to the Castle Spa. Relaxation in the completely unique thermal mineral therapeutic pool is available to each client as an additional procedure and is totally free.
Original, unique, magical, beautiful and yet open and accessible for everyone!

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