Eden Group

EDEN GROUP a.s. is a joint-stock company specialized in the provision of spa, hotel and hospitality services. Besides that, we also provide consultancy activities focused on investments in the hospitality-spa business. Eden Group a.s. was founded in 2001. Its roots, however, date back to 1997 when the company New Bridge s.r.o. was established and Eden Group a.s. is its successor.

At the present time Eden Group a.s. operates the Castle Spa, a luxury spa facility, Medical Spa & Wellness hotel Carlsbad Plaza 5* Superior and Carlsbad Clinic, a first-class facility offering a broad scale of diagnostics, cosmetics and other specialized services. 

Company mission

The Company's mission is to satisfy clients, so they like to return to the hotel regularly and recommend our facilities to other potential clients. The satisfaction of clients is primarily achieved thanks to the people who you meet every day – our hotel staff. Our Company endeavours to motivate its staff for best performance. We offer them professional development and to create best work conditions for them.


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